GO Ponies

The “GO” Ponies make the magic happen at Great Oak. We are forever grateful for the owners who allow us to use and love their wonderful animals. Each horse has something unique to offer to our riders and every rider has their favorite. Keep scrolling to learn more about each individual who makes our program great.


 A 22-year-old dark bay Shire, a Draft Cross. Andy spent most of his life as a hunt horse in Massachusetts. Don’t let his size fool you, he is quiet and dependable. His easy going personality makes him a perfect fit for many of our riders here at Great Oak.



 A 16-year-old, dark bay, Irish Sport Horse. He had a career in Eventing with Olympian Phillip Dutton and most recently was a show jumper here in Aiken. Arnie is our biggest horse standing at 17 hands. He may look intimidating but he is kind, gentle, and quiet. He has been a wonderful addition to Great Oak as he has taught our taller students about posture and balance.



A 23-year-old old chestnut Quarter Horse. He is one of the original Great Oak horses who had a former career as a show jumper. His greatest gift to our students is his consistency and his ability to be a kind teacher. He is not overreactive and handles off-balanced riders by stopping politely. Buddy was Horse of the Year for PATH International in 2019.



A 16-year-old chestnut Quarter Horse. Duke was a former Western pleasure and trail horse. His relaxed and slow but collected gait cadence, along with his calm and responsive disposition teaches our students how to feel confident at the walk and when learning to trot. He is a “pleasure” to ride, smooth-moving, and very comfortable.


Lee Lee

A 8-year-old chestnut AQHA registered Quarter Horse. Lee Lee is easy to handle, fun, and athletic. He has a foundation as a reining horse and has the quiet mind of a solid trail horse. You will fall in love with his in-your-pocket personality. 

Lee Lee
Lee Lee 3


A 15-year-old paint Missouri Fox Trotter. He has a flat-footed, ambling gait that resembles the “fox trot.” His movement is front to back rather than up and down. This smooth gait has proven useful for beginners and riders with physical disabilities. His gentle disposition, sure-footedness, and poise make him a favorite here at Great Oak. Our students never get a bumpy ride!


Ricky Bobby

An 11-year-old chestnut quarter horse. He was a former Polo pony who played right here in Aiken for one of the most talented female polo players in the world. From his polo days, he responds well to his rider’s body position when turning and reacts well to rein pressure along his neck. He is intelligent and brave. His active walk helps our students develop core strength and confidence. 

ricky bobby 2 copy
Ricky bobby copy


A 20 year old grey Irish Sport Horse. Teddy has been a hunt horse all his life. He has hunted here in Aiken, but most recently enjoyed the trails in Kentucky where he spent the last few years. He loved to gallop on a loose rein and would jump whatever came in front of him without a second look. He is sturdy and safe and is happiest out on the trails. Teddy has a great mind. He is quiet, agreeable and seemingly unflappable. Our riders feel confident and safe when they are handling and riding Teddy.



An 19-year-old old roan Quarter Horse. Formerly a school horse and then owned and shown by a young girl, he is one of our most sensitive horses. Yogi has been instrumental in helping our students with anxiety and fear. He has taught them patience, bravery, and how to understand boundaries. He has built connections with nonverbal language by doing work in hand on the ground.



A 20-year old paint Quarter Horse. Our newest edition to the Great Oak herd. Ziggy comes from Colorado where he had a career in Eventing and went on long trail rides. He is brave, curious and seemingly unflappable. In our leadership programs, his quiet personality has been a great advantage with nervous first-time horse handlers. His forward walk and smooth slow trot allows our students to develop trust and confidence.