Great Oak x Garden Club of Aiken Collab

Members of The Garden Club of Aiken visited Great Oak Equine Assisted Program on April 14 to enjoy a lesson for the students, a tour of the facility, and see the historic live oak trees on the property that the garden club is helping to save.

This is a unique situation where one nonprofit is coming to the aid of another. Five live oaks on the property have been diagnosed with Ambrosia beetle infestation and required spraying four times this year. Four members of the garden club brought the proposal to the club for help as they are also affiliated with Great Oak. It was a win-win situation.

The Garden Club of Aiken is a private nonprofit service organization founded in 1924, whose purpose is to promote the love of gardening, the knowledge of horticulture, the protection of birds, and the conservation and beautification of the environment.

The Garden Club of Aiken is a member of The Garden Club of South Carolina and The Garden Club of America.