Jeannie grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and attended Hiram College, studying history and art history, and performing in musical theater and concerts. Her marriage to Stephen Groat brought her to Aiken, where Steve taught at the Aiken Preparatory School and Jeannie studied at the University of South Carolina. In 1971, the Groats moved to Chester County, Pennsylvania, where Jeannie enjoyed being a full time mother, a part time writer, and a community volunteer. Moving back to Aiken in the late 1980s, the family settled into Aiken’s busy social, sporting and civic life. While Jeannie served on the Racing Museum’s Advisory Board and started a decorative painting business, Steve joined his friend Alan Corey on the Board of the newly formed STAR Riding, eventually creating the Bluegrass Festival in order to raise money for the therapeutic riding program of STAR Riding. The Bluegrass Festival quickly enlisted the energies of the extended Groat family and, over the years, it has provided substantial financial support for STAR Riding. After Steve’s death in 2012, Jeannie was appointed to the STAR Riding Board. She continues to be involved with the Festival, the Museum, and her six grandchildren. Jeannie is excited to be a part of the therapeutic riding program now known as Great Oak.