Monday teaches patience in July’s Blue Ribbon Moment

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Monday teaches patience in July’s Blue Ribbon Moment

Patience is a virtue, and horses are fantastic teachers of patience.  This month’s Blue Ribbon Moment features one of our newest riders, Abigale.  She came to Great Oak to gain confidence, balance and become more balanced in both body and mind. 

image of a happy young rider wearing a yellow dress and smiling

Abigale came to the farm for several weeks before she decided to mount a horse.  During her time at Great Oak, she spent time building trust with Lead Instructor, Eva Finnan, and one of our resident donkeys, Pancake, before she was ready to meet a horse.

When Abigale said it was time, she chose her “GO” Pony, Monday, a 10-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse.  On a Thursday afternoon, Monday approached the ramp with Abigale waiting at the top and she swung her leg over, and off they went.

It was such a special moment!  Eva shared this photo with Abigale’s family, to which their response was:

“This is AMAZING!!! I can’t thank you enough for being so patient.”

Daily, we are reminded at Great Oak that Blue Ribbon moments come when we empower our students and allow them to show us when they are ready.  Abigale is all smiles and giggles when she is at Great Oak riding her horse Monday.  A very special relationship is in the making.

Abigale greets Monday each week with a horse handshake and then climbs on and reaches forward to tap him on his withers – her way of telling Monday “walk-on”.  The “GO” Getters get such a kick when we play red light green light because Abigale is very quick to tell Monday to “GO”!  No standing around for this girl and her pony.  

A Blue Ribbon for confidence, joy, and bravery.  Well done Abigale!