Morrigan’s Blue Ribbon Moment

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Morrigan’s Blue Ribbon Moment

At Great Oak, our primary task is to teach horseback riding, however, the learning goes far beyond that. Our students help to groom and care for the horses. They spend time with the horses bonding and learning to listen to them. We play socialization games and encourage mindfulness, patience, and kindness. Morrigan has ridden with us for four years and she loves to trot. Then, feed carrots to her horse after the ride (so does Dad).

Upon seeing that one of our newest students was a little unsure, Morrigan took hold of his hand and showed him compassion and understanding. She knows it can be tough to try something or meet someone new and it can be a little scary to be so close to a big animal. Her knowledge is first-hand as it was hard for her in the beginning, too.

Morrigan reached out her hand and kindly showing our student that he had a friend. In doing so, she gave the new student confidence to walk with her and the horse around the arena. It is during these times that personal growth blossoms. It is not always obvious how working with horses can teach leadership, but here at Great Oak, our students demonstrate leadership, compassion, and bravery every day. 

Morrigan rides “GO” Pony Boomer with confidence. She laughs with joy when Boomer is a bit cheeky and laughs even louder when he trots around the arena. Morrigan gets a thrill when they play games and Boomer picks up a ring to put it on a cone. She especially loves to play basketball either in the indoor arena or out on the sensory trail. Morrigan is an exceptional basketball player, so it is not often that she misses. Boomer is very happy to wait as long as he needs so that Morrigan can shoot as many balls as she can. 

We recognize Morrigan this month and every month for her developing patience and for her kindness to other students.