September Volunteer of the Month

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September Volunteer of the Month

Meet our “GO” Getter of the Month, Jacklyn Stone!

Jacky discovered Great Oak through an internet search after her previous center closed. Working with horses was a bucket list item for Jacky during her retirement. “As soon as I retired from teaching, I was ready to enjoy my retirement with horses and special people,” says Jacky.

Jacky loves all the “GO” Pones and their unique personalities, but is excited to work with the new “GO” Pony, Jack, as he has the same name as her father. 

Jacky summarizes her experience volunteering at Great Oak this way: “Great Oak is a wonderful place to volunteer! All the instructors, other volunteers, and students are very kind to each other! We all work together and everyone benefits. You get great exercise, wonderful friends, and feel like you had the chance to help someone else when you leave the barn at the end of the day! Also, the horses are always GREAT!”

Thanks, Jacky, we think you are pretty GREAT too.