Support our Scholarships

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Support our Scholarships

Written by Jensen Jennings, who started as a volunteer at Great Oak but recently became a member of our Board of Directors.

infographic with breakdown of cost for riders at great oak

I have been a volunteer with Great Oak for about two years now. In my time with Great Oak, I have seen life-changing experiences, and I have been brought to tears and humbled by our students.

Our students come from different backgrounds and have different challenges, but they all have a champion’s heart, and with the help of our “GO” Getters and “GO” Ponies, they meet and often far exceed their goals.

I have seen a student, who on day one would not get on the horse and was actually frightened by the horse, become an exceptional rider, who now trots with no fear at all.

I have seen a student, when they first came, was nonverbal, now that student is using words and phrases. And, I have seen a number of students who physically had a hard time staying balanced on their horse even with assistance by side walkers, build up their muscles and become stronger, and some even have become able to ride independently.

To say this program is worth your contribution, would be the biggest understatement. Your generous contribution spurs unbridled growth within our entire “GO” community, from helping a student pay for their lessons, to paying for horse care supplies for our amazing “GO” Ponies.