The Horse Eye View – How ‘QP’ Sees Things At The Farm

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The Horse Eye View – How ‘QP’ Sees Things At The Farm

Before you continue reading, please allow for and enjoy some creative writing from one of our dedicated Volunteers. We have asked this Volunteer, who works with QP, to share insights of the farm, the barn staff, the volunteers, and the donors from a ‘Horse Eye View’.

QP with Wendy

As one of Great Oak’s original “GO” Ponies, I feel I have the ‘EyeQ’ to tell you what really happens here in the Paddocks, The Stalls, and The Arenas. So here it comes, “straight from the horse’s mouth!” You see, I had to dictate my thoughts to one of my favorite “GO” Getters because these damn keys on these computers you all use are the size of Chicklets. They are not horse hoof friendly at all. One of you should reach out to Apple and put in a request for an equine-friendly keyboard. And while you’re at it, will you ask one of those computer companies to donate 5 mobile laptops to the Great Oak Barn Staff? Aside from needing a truck to tow us to events and the occasional vet visit, these ladies all need new laptops!

Our Volunteers at Great Oak make me smile, laugh and flop my mane! They are what makes Great Oak, Great! Seeing all of them walk and run around the barn and farm in their bright blue shirts is fun for me to see. And when we get to be in a lesson together with a rider on my back on the Duchossois or Groat Arena, I am amazed at their conscientiousness and compassion for each rider. I do my part to follow the Instructor’s commands in the lesson, but these Volunteers are what make it all happen, and really make things great for all of us horses. Over the years, I have grown quite fond of Kerry Raines, because she has her lunch with me each day when I am in a barn stall and she is at the picnic table. Also, Nina, Jackie, Jessie, Maria, Hannah, Janet, Tequila, Maria, Beth all make my day easier when they come out to fetch me from a paddock in the morning or turn me out later in the day. I always feel so lucky being escorted by them for my daily duties for our riders.

Over the years, I have gotten to meet many of the donors that have made Great Oak possible. Like this past Holiday Horse Show, I was able to meet Cissie & Michael Sullivan.  What a nice couple they are. Also, Tracy Turner is so nice and awarded my rider a Blue Ribbon that day. I also have gotten to know the Gertmans and the Spitlers over the years when they come and visit. And when I am in the indoor Duchossois Arena I enjoy looking at all the nice placards on the wall from MDVIP, Aiken Tack Exchange, Aiken Pest Control, Bradley’s, Southern Equine, etc. We appreciate what you all do to keep us fed, groomed, and in great shape for our sessions and lessons. Please come back to the farm and visit us. We love visitors! And if you would, please ask one of the Barn Staff Members if you can come out to our Paddocks and give us a treat!  That is always a great moment for us!