Wendy O’Brien – Vice Chair

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Past Chairman

Wendy O’Brien is an accomplished equestrian with a lifelong dedication to equestrian disciplines, farm life, business ventures, and community causes. Her equestrian pursuits include Radnor Hunt Pony Club, horse showing, foxhunting, steeplechase racing, three day eventing, breeding and training. She is a competitive Combined Driver, and was on the U.S. Pony Team in 2011 and 2013, winning with the Bronze Medal Team in 2011. She currently competes driving a four-in-hand.

Wendy grew up in New York and Pennsylvania, graduating from Chatham Hall and Bennett College. She owned and managed Unser Gehoft Farm (raising Duroc pigs), Pig Hill Inn, and Trout Walk Farm (raising Belted Galloway), all the while volunteering and serving on multiple nonprofit boards. She was married to the late Daniel O’Brien for 38 years and worked with him in various restaurant successes until his passing in 2007. They had four children and Wendy now enjoys nine grandchildren.

Wendy moved from Duchess County, New York, to Aiken in 2008, with her two corgis and Norwich terrier, and many horses, ponies, and Poitou donkeys. Wendy truly believes in the power of horses to bring healing physically, emotionally and mentally. She served on the board of directors of Great Oak’s predecessor since 2008. She is committed to the development of a state of the art facility in Aiken that provides the highest level of Therapeutic Riding on a continuous basis.