Great Oak’s Duchossois Indoor Riding Arena Undergoes Transformation

Thanks to the many generous community supporters, Great Oak’s Duchossois Indoor Riding Arena recently underwent a transformation.  In early August, the previous sand-clay footing mixture was removed to make room for a secure base of stone dust topped with a mixture of sand and GGT Equestrian Footing.

We are especially GREATful for the following businesses and individual contributors:

The new arena footing provides a comfortable and sturdy surface for our “GO” Ponies, “GO” Getters, and our Certified Instructors that serve our Aiken community.  During a typical therapeutic riding lesson a student riding a horse may have four people to support them during their ride and on a typical day a Great Oak Instructor may walk up to 5 miles!  From what we have heard, all 8 feet and 4 hooves are ecstatic to have such a wonderful arena to work in and walk on!